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You asked, we listened. Magnet Shield is back!


As you all know, every Feel Flux product comes with a super-strong neodymium magnet ball included in the package. While it provides endless fun, due to the strong magnetic force around it, it can be a question where to keep it while not in use. Not anymore.


Our Magnet Shield accessory is made of cast iron which, because of the ferromagnetic nature of iron, traps the magnetic field inside itself so you don’t have to worry about your sensitive devices at home or inside your backpack. Just place the magnet inside the inner wooden sphere, then put it inside the iron holder. Close the Magnet Shield by putting the two iron half-spheres together and voilà: the Magnet Shield is now safely closed with an elegant, firm magnetic click. The two iron pieces are held together by the force of the magnet.


The magnetic force that leaks from the Magnet Shield is so little that you can safely put it anywhere without worry.


In the box:


  • Magnet Shield with the walnut wooden inserts and cast-iron shells
  • Linen carrying pouch
  • You can get a new Magnet Ball with your Shield for a discounted price of $10! (That's a 44% discount)

How to use:

Enclose the Feel Flux magnet ball between the two wooden inner shells and make sure that the flat surfaces on the side of the inserts align. Hold together the ball-shaped wooden inserts by the rounded recesses on the sides and put the inserts into the iron shell with the flattened part in a way that the flat surfaces of the wooden insert and the iron shell contact. Close the Magnet Shield by covering it with the other iron shell. The force of the magnet will keep the two halves together.

Make sure that the magnet ball never sticks to the iron shells directly. The force that attracts the magnet and the shells together is really strong, so not only is it very hard to separate the parts stuck together but the rough surface of the cast-iron shell may scratch or damage the coating of the magnet. 


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Magnet Shield
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