KLAUS PRO MODEL (Ships in 2 weeks)



!!! The Klaus Pro Model is currently on backorder and expected to ship in 2 weeks !!!

We are introducing our first Pro Player and his signature Skill Set.

Klaus van Stegen, also known as Kendama Klaus has been consistently working with us for the past few years, always delivering innovative tricks with the Skill Set which set a high standard for everyone in our community. The time has come: we want to celebrate his dedication with the introduction of a new, redesigned Skill Set model that is a result of our collaborative work. Both the functional and symbolic design changes are based on Klaus' requests.

New features of the KLAUS PRO MODEL:

  • Updated geometry: the new curved edge allows a set of new stall-type tricks
  • Improved stackability
  • Grooves on both ends for better grip and traction
  • Anodized Black finish / Deep Red leather cover

Watch the introduction movie here!

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KLAUS PRO MODEL (Ships in 2 weeks)
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