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Data Management (Personal Information):

The Seller hereby inform the users of the website about the data management practice, the organizational and technical measures on data security and the possibilities of legal remedy. 
The Seller is the data manager.
The Seller stores the personal information given during the registration. The personal information is private and confidential. The personal information may be disclosed to third party only in order to facilitate the performance.
Hereby you are being informed that the user's IP and e-mail address (if possible) is recognized by the server of the Ltd. when the user visits the website.
The server of the Ltd. automatically stores the user's IP and e-mail address (if possible), information regarding the sites the user visits and specified information about which sites the user had visited or reached.
Furthermore the server of the Ltd. stores the name of the user's Internet service, the web address where from the user visited the website, the websites which the user visited from this website, and the date and length of the visit.
The system of the Ltd. automatically generates statistics about the user's IP address, the websites the user had visited, the information of the Internet service, the date and length of the visit. The Ltd. shall not link this information to other personal information, it uses that exclusively to generate statistics about the attendance. Registering and storing this information is the characteristic of how this website functions; they are technically necessary and have only statistic purposes.
The Buyer can request the delete of his/her personal information. The Seller may delete the Buyer's personal information upon his/her request or in case the Seller bans the access to the services of the webshop due to gross misconduct or the violation of this GTC.
By registering the Buyer expressly approves the data management regarding his/her personal information. The data management occurs along with the Buyer's consent to this GTC. Providing any information in the webshop is voluntary, this information may be deleted any time, or upon the Buyer's request immediately.
The Seller manages the Buyer's personal information only to the necessary extent and according to the legal provisions in effect. The Seller manages the information given during the registration confidentially, according to the Act LXIII of 1992 on the Protection of Personal Data and the Publicity of Data of Public Interest. The Buyer authorizes the Seller to disclose the necessary information to third party in case such involvement is needed to perform.
The Seller assures the Buyer to reach and change his/her own personal information. Upon request the Seller submit the information given by the Buyer voluntarily. 
The Seller shall correct the incorrect data upon the Buyer's request. Any possible request shall be sent to the INFO@FEELFLUX.COM e-mail address. 
The further rights and obligations of the parties and the possibilities of legal remedy are determined in the Act CXII of 2011 on the Informational Self-determination and Freedom of Information.

Cookies and similar technologies 
​Some of our data partners, such as Google Analytics, use cookies to help us better understand our website visitors.

The possible data managers:
1. The manager of the Ltd.
2. The employees of the Ltd.
Date: Budapest, 20th of May 2018